A smart Hula hoop is the new and advanced version of a traditional hula hoop. Traditional Hula hoop can be frustrating and difficult, but with Smart Hula Hoop, it is easy to use, does not fall, and is beginner-friendly! Swiss Activa+ Smart Hula Hoop is made even better! With the use of the rubber ball which creates a centrifugal force that keeps the ball massaging around your waist, we also have a digital counter that keeps track of your time, revolution and calories burned! This is now the new and fun way of exercising with a hula hoop!

The Swiss Activa+ Smart Hula Hoop is different than other hula hoops on the market. This smart hula hoop helps burn body fat, works directly on problem areas, and strengthens your core muscles – all while being easy and fun to use.

Our Smart Hula Hoop is a great exercise tool. Using this for 30 minutes is also equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging/swimming. And also, take it from our customers too! We have many satisfied customers that have seen the effectiveness of our smart hula hoop! I hope you find our smart hula hoop fun and exciting, we recommend you to try the device and test it yourself. :)

Our Smart Hula Hoop measures up to a maximum of 112cm. And we also sell an extension set separately to reach 130cm in circumference. This is to cater to everybody and also to people with different body types. As our goal is to promote fun and exciting workout for everyone.

We have a separate extension set available for purchase. Our extension set can expand the smart hula hoop up to 130cm in circumference.

Our Smart Hula Hoop has 16 sections, each of the sections has a male end and a female end. This feature was added to increase the safety of the hula hoop. In order to connect the tires, make sure to connect the male and the female part. Please click here to see the video tutorial.

(1) The hula hoop should be placed horizontally at the waist to avoid diagonal straddling, or the hula hoop may fail to spin

(2) Hold the rubber ball first then throw it horizontally counterclockwise or clockwise

(3) After throwing the rubber ball, follow the direction of the inertial rubber ball or keep the body neutral, and twist your waist for inertial movement.

It is suggested to exercise for more than 30 minutes each time, from once every 4 days to once every 1-2 days gradually. The speed of the hula hoop should not be too fast. Keep it at a constant speed. You can also walk a little to avoid muscle and joint fatigue.

For Returns & Refunds, please kindly contact: operations@swisssactiva.com for further details