Swiss Activa+ S6+ Premium Smart Hula Hoop


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Swiss Activa+ S6+ Premium Smart Hula Hoop

Swiss Activa+ S6+ Premium Smart Hula Hoop

$149.95 $79.00

Swiss Activa+ S6+ Premium Smart Hula Hoop

$149.95 $79.00
Size: Regular (44 inches)
Bundle: Smart Hula Hoop


How to use the Swiss Activa+ Smart Hula Hoop in 3 easy steps Position the fitness hoop at waist level. Take the rubber ball in your hand and throw it horizontally in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction to start the rotating movement. Stand in a comfortable position with your legs slightly apart and swing your hips from side to side and keep the weighted ball from dropping.
16 links, Digital Counter, Rubber Ball, Measuring Tape.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Smart Hula Hoop is an upgraded, user-friendly version of the traditional hula hoop. The Swiss Activa+ model includes a rubber ball for a massaging effect and a digital counter to track time, revolutions, and calories burned—making exercise with a hula hoop easy, enjoyable, and efficient!

Benefits of using a Smart Hula Hoop include:

  • Efficient calorie burning
  • Enhanced core strength
  • Fun and enjoyable workout

Using the Smart Hula Hoop is simple:

  1. Adjust the hoop to your waist size
  2. Start swinging the hoop around your waist
  3. Enjoy the massage and track your progress with the digital counter

Yes, the Smart Hula Hoop can be effective in achieving fitness goals, including weight loss and improved core strength. Consistent use and a healthy lifestyle contribute to its effectiveness.

The Smart Hula Hoop is adjustable to different waist sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of users. It can be shared among people of different sizes by adjusting the hoop accordingly.

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